CUBallot lets the Credit Union membership participate in elections such as Board of Directors, mergers, and conversion to private insurance using secured Internet based voting (including all tablets and smartphones), telephone balloting, traditional paper ballots, and paper on demand. We even support voting via Facebook to give every member the option to participate anytime, anywhere.

We run the entire election on your behalf as an independent entity. Let your members vote anytime, anywhere... and leave the work to us.

CUBoardMembers provides online Board Packets, built-in video conferencing, private discussion boards, online Board voting, automatic tracking of Credit Union Policies, compliance monitoring, and many other features. The system was designed specifically for Credit Union Boards and addresses issues that are unique to the Credit Union industry as well as issues shared by all Boards. It runs on computers, tablets, and smartphones

CUAlert notifies your staff under all kinds of emergency conditions. Everyone you wish to communicate with can be reached via email, telephone, text message, or a popup message on their computer. You can allow them to maintain their own contact data so it always has the latest information. Predefined alerts can be triggered with just a few keystrokes on a secure website or via a toll free telephone number to make it easy even under high stress situations. Alerts can be sent to individuals, locations, departments, or any other grouping.

CUATM lets your members to locate ATMs directly from your website even if you belong to multiple networks (Alliance One, Co-op, etc). Instead of asking your members to go to each ATM network and search for locations, this service lets them search across all of your networks and your own branches and view the results without ever leaving your website.

If you have an idea for a new product, or an enhancement to one of our existing products, please let us know. We are always looking for ways to make these applications even more useful.