ATM and Location Finder

To add the ATM and Location Finder to your website, here is what we will need:

  • Your domain name (so that we may white list it)
  • The domain name of your staging/test site (again, so it can be white listed)
  • The services you would like included in your search results; you may choose from...
    • Alliance One ATMs
    • CO-OP ATMs
    • CO-OP Shared Branches
    • GetGo ATMs
    • MoneyPass ATMs
  • If you would like your own branches listed in the search results, we will also need a comma-delimited (CSV) file containing the name, address, city, state (two-character), ZIP, "Open to Public" flag (Yes/No) and "Accepts Deposits" flag (Yes/No) for each location

For details on how to embed the finder in your site, please view the source code of this page to examine the code between the <!-- Begin ATM Finder Code --> and <!-- End ATM Finder Code --> comments.