CU Alert

Do you know what to do in an emergency? We do.

CU Alert is designed to help you protect your staff and your members. We can all picture emergency scenarios where we need to let people know what to do quickly. Some of those scenarios involve physical danger and may occur when people are scattered throughout the workplace in their offices, in meetings, or working with members. Some of your staff may be on their way to work, on their way home, working at a remote branch, or just out for lunch. Regardless of where they are or what they are doing, sometimes you need to let all of them know about an emergency quickly.

CU Alert notifies your staff under all kinds of emergency conditions. Everyone you wish to communicate with can be reached via email, telephone, text message, or a popup message on their computer. You can allow them to maintain their own contact data so it always has the latest information. Predefined alerts can be triggered with just a few keystrokes on a secure website or via a toll-free telephone number to make it easy even under high-stress situations. Alerts can be sent to individuals, locations, departments, or any other grouping.

CU Alert is based in the cloud so there is nothing for you to install or maintain except on those computers where you wish to use the optional desktop notification capability. Once you are authorized to use the system you control the system including:

  • Who is on the master distribution list
  • How individuals (or computer desktops) will be grouped
  • Which people are authorized to issue alerts and to which groups
  • Alerts that are pre-configured based on planning and forethought
  • Which alerts are available for telephone trigger
  • Whether or not individuals can maintain their own contact information

CU Alert gives you the tools you need to plan for emergencies and communicate quickly.

Want to learn more about CU Alert?

We’d love to talk through all of its features with you; or better yet, walk you through a demo. Just contact us.