CU Board Members

Communication, collaboration, and compliance made simple for every Credit Union’s Board of Directors.

CU Board Members is an easy to use, secure integrated Board portal that includes online board packets, video conferencing, policies and procedures, calendar of events, discussion forums, online voting, and compliance monitoring.

  • Make meetings more efficient by providing online access to board packets and other important documents
  • A private virtual conference room is always available so even directors who are on the road can participate
  • Give your Board a private, secure area to collaborate between meetings with video conferencing, discussion forums and online voting
  • Provide easy access to all policies and publish them directly to your corporate intranet
  • Let the system automatically monitor compliance requirements and provide advance warning of possible issues

The system is designed for desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. We use a low-cost per month pricing model with no setup fees or cancellation fees.

Online Board Packets

Access your board packets anytime, anywhere. CU Board Members provides simple, seamless tools to build, store and access board packets in the Credit Union’s private online library. Learn MoreCollapse

  • The files that comprise the board packet are automatically converted into a table of contents for easy reference
  • Responsibility for the various sections in the packet can be delegated, complete with target dates and automatic reminders
  • Content can be developed in whatever tools each contributor prefers such as MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint, PDF, etc.
  • The packet can be reviewed directly from within the system via desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone and Board members can take notes on each document
  • The compliance module automatically checks the record retention policy of the Credit Union to find packets eligible for destruction

The system is designed with simplicity in mind. Although it provides tremendous power to create, share, and store Board Packets, the interface is extremely easy to use.

Board Portal - Virtual Boardroom

With CU Board Members there is a private virtual conference room always reserved for your Credit Union. Your board members can ‘walk into’ the room anytime they wish and video conference with everyone else there. Learn MoreCollapse

  • If something comes up unexpectedly, Board Members can still attend meetings
  • Board members can use all of the other features of CU Board Members while in the virtual conference room so they have access to the Board Packet and supporting documents
  • If any Board member is in the conference room, other Board members who are logged into the system are invited to join the conversation
  • Non-Board members can be invited on an ‘as needed’ basis to answer questions or provide live reports
  • The compliance module automatically tracks attendance against the bylaw requirements

As with all parts of CU Board Members, the virtual conference room is extremely easy to use.

Discussion ForumS

Board members can conduct discussions and make comments anytime, from anywhere. These discussions are visible to all Board Members so everyone stays in the loop and is able to make their thoughts count. Learn MoreCollapse

  • Give everyone equal access regardless of their schedules and location
  • Access the site search engine to review past discussions for issues that needed to be addressed
  • Make Board meetings more productive by having questions and thoughts worked out before the meeting
  • Prevent side bar discussions since all Board members can review the questions, answers, and comments of everyone else
  • Help the Board to communicate and collaborate more easily.

Credit Union Policies

Organize all of the policies and procedures into folders in the Credit Union’s secure online library. Learn MoreCollapse

  • Automatically track previous versions as policies are reviewed, updated and approved
  • Search through all policies and procedures for specific words, phrases, or topics
  • Assign responsible parties for each document
  • Provide easy access to all policies and procedures by publishing them directly to your corporate intranet
  • Receive automatic notification from the compliance module when it is time to review each policy
  • Let the system make it easy to have all policies and procedures up to date and instantly available anytime, anywhere.

Compliance for the Credit Union Board of Directors

Let the system automatically track compliance requirements and keep you up to date. By combining the information carried in the other CU Board Members modules with the bylaws of the Credit Union, the system provides continuous reporting on compliance and advanced warning of possible issues. Learn MoreCollapse

  • Set how often policies must be reviewed and the system will warn you before an issue occurs
  • Establish time periods for recurring events and the system will check the CU Board Members calendar to insure compliance
  • Use record retention rules so the system can identify documents in the online library that are eligible for destruction
  • Specify training requirements to document training compliance and provide warning when training will be needed

Keep the Board informed about ongoing compliance requirements and concerns before they become a problem.

No setup fee, no installation fee, no long term contract and no cancellation fee.

CU Board Members is an integrated board portal designed to support your Board. It’s a 100% Internet-based solution so there’s nothing for you to install. And because of this, you also don’t have to worry about getting upgrades or installing enhancements... they occur automatically.

The pricing for CU Board Members reflects our commitment to our customers. Our pricing model is designed to make certain our product always remains useful. We charge a flat $200 per month for your organization to use the system. There is no setup fee, no installation fee, no long term contract, and no cancellation fee. If you decide you would like to sign up for a longer period, discounts are available.

This model reflects our belief that no one should pay for a product that is not useful to them. You have no fees to start using the system, and no obligation to continue using it if it doesn’t work well for you. It also means you have no risk of making a large upfront investment in a software package that may turn out not to be effective for you.

Want to learn more about CU Board Members?

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